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ILO – It’s Ok, Don’t Think Too Much About It / REB051CD

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RELEASE: It’s Ok, Don’t Think Too Much About It


MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Electronica
FILE SIZE: (624.84 MB)

It’s Ok, Don’t Think Too Much About It have 14 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. ILO – Lanzhou (02:59) 08B, 151
  2. ILO – Shade (04:52) 11B, 105
  3. ILO – Tune (08:24) 08A, 117
  4. ILO – Escape Your Freedom (07:38) 06A, 147
  5. ILO – Fight (05:20) 06A, 118
  6. ILO – Grunnur (03:25) 04A, 118
  7. ILO – City (15:06) 02B, 120
  8. ILO – Someday (10:52) 08A, 120
  9. ILO – Hyndland (04:44) 01A, 120
  10. ILO – Bird Trough The Window (07:30) 08A, 105
  11. ILO – Living On Top Of Living (09:15) 01A, 120
  12. ILO – Myself Now (09:25) 02A, 123
  13. ILO – How Does It Feel ? (09:28) 04B, 125
  14. ILO – Raining Needles (06:12) 01A, 92

Total Playtime: 01:45:10 min

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Olafur Breidfjord aka ILO is back on Rebirth with his first solo Album ‘Its ok, dont think too much about it’. 14 tracks where the forward-thinking producer confirms his ability to shape something from the past with a totally new look. His definition of composing music is like a diary process, no ending and no restrictions. A selection of tracks ILO has been working on in recent years. An ecstatic alchemy of Chicago house, Deep, Detroit techno, electronica, Jazz, funk, and cinematic vibes.Its the hi-hats. Thats always how you know its ILO. His light but crunchy hi-hats lead you in, followed by the heavy low-end of his grooves. Its also his love of hard-left turns, where the mood shifts completely, but this album isnt about that. Its ok, dont think too much about it is about locking you in completely. Where he can lead you on a 15+ minute house odyssey but you dont lose interest for a second. Ramping up with the ambient softness of Lanzhou, he takes you on a journey through the musical landscapes of Chicago and Detroit, with detours through France but settling in on his own sonic landscape. This is ILO at his best and deepest, firing on all cylinders.The first part of the album is an alternation of warm sounds and vibrating beats, deep synth tones and old-school house mash-ups to create a rich soundscape in which to immerse the listener. The second part of this work becomes faster and more dancefloor-friendly: a melange of propulsive rhythms, mesmerizing electronica and repeating pulsating overtones, giving a restless kinetic energy.Inspiring stuff from a name who deserves the right consecration this year !//

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