LOSSLESSOrganic House / Downtempo

Abrão, Ayala (IT) – A Mente Delira / REBD077

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RELEASE: A Mente Delira
ARTIST(S): Abrão, Ayala (IT)

REMIXERS: Francesco Chiocci, Musumeci, TOJURA

PUBLISHER: Rebirth / REBD077
MUSICAL GENRE: Lossless, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-07
FILE SIZE: (257.98 MB)

A Mente Delira have 4 TOTAL TRACKS

  1. Abrão, Ayala (IT) – A Mente Delira (06:28) , 124
  2. Abrão, Ayala (IT) – A Mente Delira (Musumeci Remix) (06:29) , 124
  3. Abrão, Ayala (IT) – A Mente Delira (Francesco Chiocci Remix) (06:29) , 124
  4. Abrão, Ayala (IT) – A Mente Delira (Tojura Remix) (05:51) , 120

Total Playtime: 00:25:17 min

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eng||Born and raised in the deep south of Italy, Ayala’s story with music has a background of nearly 2 decades of continuous research and development in both the art of djing and musical production.Since young age he received a culture through his fathers records collection: the funky sounds of Jamiroquai, the innovative atmospheres of Genesis, the African vibes of Manu Dibango and the Gypsy flavor of early Carlos Santana. Fast forward a few years and djing got serious with a residency in an historic Italian club. Here, Ayala had a chance to share the decks and being influenced by artists such as Hector Romero, Martin Solveig, Claude Monnet, Nicola Conte and Gerardo Frisina. The friendship and collaboration with Hector Romero gave him the idea of starting to undertake music production, mixing electronic elements with ethnic vibes from different cultures. Ayala music productions found home on labels like Ocha Records, MoBlack, Multi Culti, Sol Selectas and Compost Records. In 2022 Ayala released his first vinyl LP Views on the UK label Batov Records, exploring the influence of African culture in music, from jazz to afrobeat, disco and funk.Originally appeared on the Rebirth’s 15th Anniversary Album at the end of 2021, ‘A Mente Delira’ is a collaborative project with the post punk Brazilian Vocalist Abrão. An hypnotic and psychedelic song with a seductive chant that immediately stays in your head and doesnt leave you. A tropical journey with delicate synth melodies, warm chords, electrified guitars and irresistible percussions. The package is now complete with three strong remixes by the italian artists Musumeci, Francesco Chiocci and Tojura. An underground style that could easily become the future pop.//

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