LOSSLESSMelodic House & Techno

Marcus Meinhardt – El Paso / EXP91

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ARTIST(S): Marcus Meinhardt


LABEL: Exploited Ghetto | EXP91
GENRE: LOSSLESS, Melodic House & Techno
RELEASED: 2021-03-12


  1. Marcus Meinhardt – El Paso (Original Mix) (06:57) keyG, bpm122

Total Playtime: 00:06:57 min

“What a tune that is. Wow! I wish I could play this in the club.” (Pete Tong)

With previous gems for Exploited Ghetto including ‘Hibiskuss’ and ‘Masada’, Berlin’s Marcus Meinhardt became an integral part of the label family. His melodic techno style always finds the balance between groove and melody, and he can usually be found behind the decks in any of his hometown’s favoured tech-centric dancing establishments. ‘El Paso’ is his latest weapon: a sleek, no-nonsense dancefloor cut which gets the job done very nicely indeed.
This track is alive from the very first note, throbbing and pulsating hypnotically with a tribal rhythm and thick chunks of bass accentuating the percussive groove. The trademark Meinhardt synth magic swells and teases, rising like a giant wave to help introduce new parts of the track. When the claps finally drop in, the impact is felt heavily, and the track keeps building as layer upon layer of mesmerising synth energy is added. The tension increases as we drop back to a kick and bass groove, those dazzling melodic elements teasing and disorienting vocal delays plunging is further into the deep abyss. From near silence, the track rebuilds itself like a sleeping beast waking from slumber, propelling us back to that meaty groove.
It’s what you might call a ‘mood track’: one that never explodes ostentatiously, but instead provides you with a slice of drama to use as a powerful building block within a greater narrative.

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